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Meet Our Therapy Team

We have an excellent team of highly professional therapists working together at The Heeler Centre. Many members of the team have been working at the clinic for many years. All are fully-qualified and experienced in their chosen field of expertise.

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Paul Heeler

Paul Heeler

Founder / Osteopath

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The Heeler Centre team - Jade Walford

Jade Walford

Sports Injury & Massage

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Heeler Centre Lee Lewis

Lee Lewis


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Heeler Centre Jenny Mullen

Jenny Mullen

Osteopath / Sports Injury

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The Heeler Centre, Becky Reed

Becky Reed


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The Heeler Centre, John Turnball

John Turnball


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The Heeler Centre, Joanna Turns

Joanna Turns


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The Heeler Centre, Nicola White

Nicola White


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The Heeler Centre, Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson

Massage Therapist

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The Heeler Centre, Nilnate Rooney

Nilnate Rooney

Massage Therapist

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The Heeler Centre, Vicki Sampieri

Vicki Sampieri

Craniosacral Specialist

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The Heeler Centre, Claire Hicks

Claire Hicks


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The Heeler Centre, Mo Froud

Mo Froud


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The Heeler Centre, Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall


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The Heeler Centre, Julie Plackett

Julie Plackett


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The Heeler Centre, Stephanie Galissian

Stephanie Galissian


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Mackenzie Dickinson Sports Therapist

Mackenzie Dickinson

Sports Therapist

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Julie Marshall Podiatrist

Julie Marshall


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Counsellor Connect

Meet our dedicated counsellors. Counselling at The Heeler Centre offers a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore your feelings and experiences.

The Heeler Centre, Sarah Moody

Sarah Moody


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The Heeler Centre, Imogen Ellis-Jones

Imogen Ellis-Jones


Read about Imogen

The Heeler Centre, Sarah Sweet

Sarah Sweet


Read about Sarah

The Heeler Centre, Toni Goodall

Toni Goodall


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Meet our support team

Often your first point of contact, our dedicated and friendly support team are always easily available to assist.  

Jolanta Stokes

Jolanta Stokes

Jo Erb

Jo Erb

The Heeler Centre, Karen Harman

Karen Harman

The Heeler Centre, Alison Jenner

Alison Jenner

The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex