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About The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex

About Our Clinic

The Heeler Centre – keeping you pain-free, healthier and happier since 1997

Our offering is wide. Our care is first class.

We provide treatments for a wide range of ailments. These include back pain, sports injury, stress, sleep problems and infertility. Patients can access a full range of therapy services including osteopathy, massage, physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture, homeopathy and allergy testing. Our therapists work together to provide patients with the best outcomes possible.

Our friendly team of therapists offers you the widest level of treatments and therapies and the highest level of patient care and satisfaction in Sussex, no matter your injury or ailment. Over our 20-year history, we’ve become a centre of excellence for physiotherapy and osteopathy, treating your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sports, and office injuries.

We’ve also built a team approach to treatment beyond our core areas to treat all health and well-being, including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutrition, homeopathy and counselling.

Here’s what we believe

As a clinic team, it’s important we share the same values and our approach to treating you is consistent. We understand how it feels when you’re in pain and want to get back to doing the things you know you should be doing.

Individually, we’ve experienced many of the injuries and problem points we now treat. For some of us, that’s why we started on this journey to help others through our various therapeutic approaches.

As a clinic, we’re not only about our own disciplines and therapies. We understand the importance of treating you as a whole person. That’s why we work as a team to treat both the symptoms and causes of your pain and improve performance or mobility.

Rarely does pain or injury affect one isolated area. We’ll work together to get you back on your feet and also make sure the causes behind your injury or pain are eliminated.

Here's how we do it:

  • We treat the whole body and work as a team to keep you mobile and active… and stay that way
  • We’re transparent and honest. If we don’t think a treatment or therapy will work for you, we’ll tell you and suggest a more appropriate course of action
  • We focus on treating both the symptoms and addressing the causes that result in pain to keep you healthier and happier for longer
  • We understand pain and injury doesn’t solely manifest itself physically. There may be emotional effects from injury we also look to treat
  • We recognise injury and pain may arise from lifestyle choices and posture issues which often cannot be helped. The last thing we’ll do is suggest unrealistic lifestyle or work changes.
  • We understand that if you’re desk-bound for 8 hours a day, there is little you can do to change that. That’s why our aim is to minimise impact and give you workable solutions you’ll actually follow
  • We believe sitting is one of the biggest problems for most people and we’re on a mission to help you get more active and stop this from inhibiting your life

Whatever your lifestyle, work or fitness goals, The Heeler Centre team is here for you.

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The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex