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Podiatry and Chiropody, The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex

Treatments & therapies:

Podiatry & chiropody

Podiatry and chiropody

If you have any pain or medical issues around your feet, ankles and lower leg, a podiatrist or chiropodist can help relieve pain, increase mobility and improve foot health

What are Podiatry and Chiropody?

Podiatry and chiropody are the areas of medicine around the diagnosis of problems with the feet, ankles and lower part of the leg and their treatment. Most importantly, podiatrists and chiropodists are focused on prevention, relieving pain and correcting issues to keep you mobile and active.

Most of us are born without foot problems, yet through poor footwear choices, exposure to conditions which cause infections and through simply getting old problems with and around the feet develop.

Following assessment of a patient, a podiatrist can diagnose, treat and prevent certain disorders of the foot and its related structures. For example:

  • Nail cutting - diseased or misshapen toenails may be difficult to cut
  • Management of verrucae - a particular problem for children, which can be easily treated
  • Reduction of corns and callus - corns and callus can cause considerable pain and restricted mobility
  • Footwear advice - guidance on suitable styles of footwear to reduce your risk of problems
  • Minor surgery - total or partial removal of a painful toenail under local anaesthetic

Who can Podiatry and Chiropody help?

Painful feet can lead to reduced mobility and the loss of independence.

This can be a particular problem for the disabled and elderly, who may have difficulty managing their own feet. However, others who may be at risk from foot problems include patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation and those on certain medications, for example, steroids and warfarin.

For mechanical problems with the feet, you may need a biomechanical assessment. Depending on the result of this, we may recommend ways to reduce pressure and redistribute weight from tender areas, or more sophisticated devices known as “orthotics” which realign any abnormal mechanics of the lower limb.

What to expect from a Podiatry session

In a normal session, your podiatrist or chiropodist will assess the current state of your feet and speak to you about your health, activity and anything that may affect your foot health. They will then be in a position to suggest a specific course of action and depending on this, will be able to perform it immediately.

The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
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The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex