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Homeopathy, Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex

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Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine using highly diluted substances to trigger the body’s own healing process

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a well-established system of medicine that has been used and considered effective by hundreds of millions of people worldwide since it was discovered by a German doctor over 200 years ago. It is used by 30% of the population in Germany and is incorporated into healthcare systems in Brazil, India and Russia.

Who can Homeopathy help?

Anyone who would like to strengthen their immune system and improve their health can visit a homeopath. Homeopathy is safe for everyone — the elderly and infirm, pregnant women, babies and young children. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medical treatment, but you will always be advised to maintain contact with your GP or primary healthcare professional.

How long do the treatments take to work?

How long you have been experiencing symptoms and the nature of the complaint is significant in determining the duration and outcome. It is impossible to be specific at the outset, as everyone responds differently and individuals’ ability to follow dietary and lifestyle recommendations also varies.

What happens during a consultation?

The therapist will discuss your medical and personal history in detail with you. Homeopaths always look for the origin of symptoms, so any information about your lifestyle and any worries or stresses in your life will be relevant in helping the homeopath to develop a complete picture and to find the best prescription for you. A homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat you, rather than your specific symptoms. Therefore two people suffering from the same condition would be unlikely to receive the same remedy since the root cause of their symptoms will be different.

Many people find the consultation very therapeutic, as it may be a rare opportunity to discuss personal and intimate aspects of life with an unprejudiced observer in a confidential setting. The initial consultation lasts about two hours for adults and about one hour for children. It is always possible to schedule a telephone call where parents want to discuss difficult or challenging situations about their child in confidence.

The therapist reflects on the information before deciding on the remedy, which will be either in liquid or pill form. The remedy will be posted to you with guidance on how to take it.

What happens after taking the remedy?

The changes may be minimal at first. Some people experience a slight worsening of symptoms for a short period. This is known as an “aggravation”. Following this, people often report an enhanced feeling of calm and well-being before the specific symptom has improved.

The first follow-up takes place about a month after the initial consultation and lasts about an hour. During this meeting, the homeopath will interpret your response to the prescription and decide on the next one. Your feedback and observations about any changes are the most valuable asset in this process.





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The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
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The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
The Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex