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The Heeler Centre, Stephanie Galissian

Stephanie B. Galissian, Hypnotherapist


Dip. Hyp. Psych Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Solution focused therapy
Registered with:
(GHR) General hypnotherapy register 

A little about Stephanie

Originally from the South of France, Stephanie is a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

For 20 years I had a career as a makeup artist in London. I got to travel to wonderful places and meet some incredible people. My best memory was doing makeup for Valentina Tereshkova, the first lady to go into space. Over the years, I have helped many female clients feel more confident and get through personal issues by helping them feel calmer and enhancing how they looked and felt using my listening and makeup skills. As much as I love doing makeup, I always knew that I wanted to help others on the inside as well, so becoming a therapist was a natural transition.

I love the work that I do, listening to people and how they want to make positive and healthier changes in their life, and working together toward those goals.

Why did you choose your profession? 

When I decided to retrain as a therapist, I came across hypnotherapy. I had met many people who had great results with fear of flying and smoking, and I instantly knew this was something I would love. I was lucky to find a fantastic course, which incorporated solution-focused therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT and mindfulness. It was the most incredible experience, and while training I helped someone stop smoking after less than 3 months of starting the course. I was amazed by the possibilities hypnotherapy could offer!

Hypnotherapy is very safe, like meditation with a goal. The trance state is similar to the state we go naturally in when driving, reading a book, playing sports etc. There are no clocks or loss of control.. on the contrary, you are in control the whole way through and It's a very relaxing experience.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy meeting each person, giving them a safe and calm space to share their issues and choosing the techniques I know will help them.

I find my work very fulfilling, witnessing clients getting relief from the sessions and making progress as they unlearn the old habits and create new, healthier ones.

My goal is to help each person get control back and to be free again. I work quite intuitively, combining a solution-focused approach and hypnosis to work on subconscious issues. I use a blend of techniques such as NLP, mindfulness, EFT (tapping), CBT, sophrology, breathwork and coaching depending on the client's needs.

What are your specialisms?

  • Anxiety issues such as overwhelming thoughts, panic attacks, negative thinking,
  • Fears and phobias such as flying, dentist, animals, heights,
  • Unwanted habits such as nail-biting, hair pulling, skin picking,
  • Smoking cessation,
  • Self Esteem issues & confidence.

Sessions are available in English and French.

What conditions do you most enjoy treating?

Most of the issues I treat are anxiety-based, and I enjoy treating them all equally.

If I have to choose, I would probably say working with fears and phobias as that has such a positive powerful effect on a person's life.

What days do you work at The Heeler Centre?

From February, Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays, and Fridays mornings.  Saturday morning appointments are possible; please enquire.

Three examples of people you’ve helped? 

Smoking Cessation 

'Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I was a little sceptical that it could help me stop a lingering smoking habit. However, after three sessions I feel rid of it completely. Stephanie helped me to discuss the issues surrounding my smoking fully and has such a beautiful, calming voice that I was able to relax completely (even in a Skype session). I'm very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend it. Thanks very much, Stephanie'.

Kate Warwick-Oliver

Fears and Phobia 

'I was fed up with experiencing a phobia about birds and the effects that it had on me and my life. I always felt restricted about being able to go places, eat outside, even to feel relaxed while out shopping. With a special holiday coming up, I decided it was the right time finally to try and do something about it in what appeared to be a safe, calm environment. I liked and trusted Stephanie from the first moment and, although I felt very open to the process, I did fear that the phobia was just so strong, that the therapy wouldn't work. But it did! Even after the first session, I was able to sit on a bench on the seafront and read the newspaper without worrying about where the pigeons were. That was a first for me and I was stunned at how easy it was. I had two further sessions where Stephanie offered me techniques to help and reinforce the process that had already started. Life feels much richer and more full of possibilities as less anxiety-producing. One thing that struck me forcibly was that I finally felt like I fitted in with the rest of the human race. That was really powerful as I hadn't realised before just how separated I had felt from other people. I would thoroughly recommend the therapy that Stephanie offers, and she is so lovely too that she makes it easy to address the fear'

Kirshen Rundle


'I don't know how to thank Stephanie enough. I suffered from anxiety for some time, it felt like I was living in a clouded bubble, which was awful as I have never experienced anything like it before. Stephanie turned my life back around for me, she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable and I'm now back on track and looking forward to my future. Highly recommended. Thank you, Stephanie!'