Why Osteopathy may be the treatment for you

Between 2015-2016, nearly 8.8 million work days were lost due to back pain. Back pain is one of the most common causes for people to visit the doctor here in the UK, so why isn’t there a solution to the pain so many of us seem to be experiencing? Over 30,000 people here in the UK visit an Osteopath each year, if you suffer from back pain, this is why you should be visiting one too.

Osteopathy is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, and also drug free. The aim of osteopathy is to increase mobility of the joints, enhancing blood supple and relieving muscle pain, which should in turn decrease pain levels.

Other conditions can also be treated through Osteopathy. Colic or excessive crying in infants, migraines, depression, digestive system problems and painful periods can all be treated. Osteopathy has also been used to treat those experiencing problems while pregnant, arthritic and bad posture problems.

Our Osteopaths, Alexandra, Lachlan and Paul are skilled and experienced, who strive to give you the best treatment possible. If one of our Osteopaths suspect that a patient requires surgery, they will say so. Hospital doctors specialise in single aspects of health; Osteopaths consider the whole body. This holistic approach underpins the philosophy of Osteopathy.

If you decide to visit us, upon first consultation your general health and wellbeing will be assessed by one of our Osteopaths. The problem area will be identified and the best treatment for you will be suggested. If further referrals are required our Osteopaths will advise otherwise.

Do not hesitate to contact The Heeler Centre, as we offer free advice for all. Call us on 01273 843780 or visit our website for further information