Who Should I See?

who should i see

If you’ve never sought treatment for a particular pain or injury it can sometimes be confusing to understand who the right person is to help you. That’s why it just takes one call and we’ll identify the right therapist and treatment for your needs

One of the most common questions patients ask when we first meet them is: who should I see?

With so many options to choose from and similarities between therapies, we know it can be confusing and not a little frustrating. That’s why our friendly team is available to advise you for free on who is best placed to help you.

Our expert team gives you guidance based on your symptoms and history to help you find the right treatment and therapist for you.

So we can better advise you, we’ll ask you for more information on the following:

  • Your specific pain or problem and what caused it, if known
  • Your work environment and anything that may adversely affect your posture
  • Any lifestyle factors that may play a part in causing the specific pain or problem
  • Other treatments or therapies you may have tried to relieve the problem
  • Any family history around relevant medical factors

Call us on 01273 843780 and a member of our friendly, expert team will be happy to give you confidential guidance on who to see. We will then get one of our therapists to call you back as quickly as possible to discuss this with you. Alternatively, fill out the form below.