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Who can benefit from Osteopathic treatment?

Who can benefit from Osteopathic treatment?

osteopathic treatment

Just who can benefit from Osteopathic treatment?  It’s a good question, and the honest answer is pretty much everyone! I think the common perception with osteopathic treatment is that you only need it when you are in pain? 

Which of course is a pretty good reason to seek osteopathic care, the evidence behind treatment methods used by osteopaths for a number of different conditions is growing. The most common of which is low back pain, no small thing when the latest statistics published by the NICE guidelines, show that 1 in 3 adults in the UK suffer with low back pain each year! 

However, is pain the only reason to visit an osteopath… What about preventing that pain arising in the first place? Moving with ease? Or posture? 

I would argue that osteopathy could be a great way to counteract the strain placed upon our body during our daily lives. There are an increasing number of professions revolving around the dreaded desk, with hours spent slumped over a computer screen. The result of this sedentary prolonged position can cause all types of postural problems often resulting in injury. Why not take a proactive approach, and try and stop that from happening. That’s one reason. 

How about if you have a more active job, like a landscape gardener or a trade? No different as despite the fact you are not in prolonged postures all the time you are often bending at funny angles, or lifting things awkwardly. If your body is being maintained so that it is functioning correctly you will be more resilient and so less likely to get hurt. A pretty valuable thing when the majority of you are self employed! Trust us, we are too!

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