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Sussex’s leading chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic for over 20 years

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01273 843780

Success Stories

Whether we’re helping people recover from emotional or physical trauma, rehabilitate from injury or just making people feel healthier and better about their bodies, our treatment gets results.

And our patients often show their gratitude through reviews and testimonials. So if you’re unsure if we can help you, here are a number of true stories various therapies The Heeler Centre provides.

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Chiropractic - Jacquie’s story

Jacquie Troake sought us out in a final ditch attempt to rid herself of chronic headaches. After getting scans it became evident there was nothing her doctor could do as a permanent fix.

The headaches plagued her almost constantly causing her to rely heavily on painkillers, especially at night to avoid loss of sleep. The trouble with chronic headaches is the persistent dull ache, while not agonising, is frustrating and tiring for the sufferer.

It took minutes for Sam Pargeter (our Master of Chiropractic) to make a lasting difference to Jacquie’s condition.

She was understandably ecstatic:

“It felt like a miracle!”

“It would have taken possibly years to sort out… if ever!”

The Heeler Centre chiropractors like Sam are dedicated to helping patients with musculoskeletal conditions and their associated symptoms.


Homeopathy - Andy’s story

Andy Smith has a life long sleep problem no conventional doctor could cure. Using conventional medicines didn’t help him get to sleep or stay asleep which resulted in him feeling run down and out of energy.

Having constant bags under his eyes for the rest of his life wasn’t an attractive option for Andy so he booked an appointment at The Heeler Centre.

Consulting homeopathy expert Julie Plackett finally helped Andy have a breakthrough. After a long discussion about his lifestyle and medical history Julie prescribed a remedy unique to Andy’s situation and here’s what he had to say about the results:

“I can now go to bed with a degree of confidence that I will wake rested.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie to anyone who has intractable conditions, she is a wonderful practitioner who practices with empathy and compassion.”

At The Heeler Centre we offer homeopathy consultations for those who have reached dead ends under the NHS, providing a higher level of care and attention to detail when diagnosing and prescribing alternative medicines.


Hot Stone Aromatherapy - Rosie’s story

Rosie Lindsay needed to relax. We’re certain anyone would benefit from working less hours, eating healthily and adopting military-like posture, but that’s just not an option for everyone.

For Rosie, she decided to try out hot stone aromatherapy at The Heeler Centre. We knew a regular massage just wouldn’t cut it. She needed a massage to go deeper, loosening her tight back muscles and rejuvenating her emotionally and physically.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us:

“Tanya makes you feel at ease, she is very calm, approachable and professional. I highly recommend this wonderful treatment.”

Ready to get started? Book online here or call our friendly team on 01273 843780.

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