Valerie’s Scar Treatment Experience

Like any injury that can vary from mild to severe, Val’s was severe, in a case like this manual therapy is NOT the answer, in fact surgery is by far the best option. And so it came to pass that one week later Val had her operation. The surgeon was fantastic and the procedure included the insertion of screws. Over the following 10 months she has extensive physiotherapy, however, her pain continued.

Reluctantly a second surgical procedure was carried out, this involved the addition of a new heal. For a further 22 months her symptoms failed to improve and a fluid build-up led to a third operation to remove the screws. Val declined further therapy due to pain.

After many uncomfortable months she seeked our Paul’s ‘scar therapy’ treatment…

“WHAT A DAY! And what a great experience! I have been suffering the past 3 years with a Lisfranc injury and the pain and sensitivity I have experienced has been very traumatic. I had a chat with Paul and he told he could help me, I was willing to try anything to give me relief. But what this man can do with his expertise is hard to put into words. There was no injections, no medication involved but within a matter of minutes I had noticed a major difference in my foot as if by magic .I know if your reading this review you may think ah I don’t believe that but please believe me it’s very true Paul has achieved what no one else could with my sensitive scar and muscle damage .Thank you so much Paul I’m looking forward to getting my life back.”



Scar treatment due to the chair trauma would not have been appropriate due to the grade of the injury.

Operation was essential. By working alongside surgical procedures we can optimise a patients recovery time. Unfortunately for Val she knew nothing about this approach, if she had we may have been able to avoid the 2nd or 3rd operation.

The important thing is that the surgery performed was superb, however, there can be no prediction with regard to a person’s overall recovery