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Patient Interview – Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Patient Interview with Mandy Ramson


We love hearing about our patient experiences here at the clinic.

Mandy Ramson, 58, is very active and exercise's at least 3 times per week at her local circuits class in Bolney. She recently attended a more strenuous class in London which caused her knee to, as she explains "pop" whilst lifting weights.

After seeing a physio for a few weeks and seeing no improvement, Mandy finally booked her first appointment at The Heeler Centre.

What made you book your first appointment with The Heeler Centre?

My knee was so painful and I couldn't quite work out why, after so many weeks of therapy, it was still giving me grief! I was recommended by a friend who had had great results at The Heeler Centre so thought I'd get another opinion on what was going on with my knee.

What was your initial injury?

When the injury first occurred, I didn't take any action thinking it was just a pull that would disappear over time... so I continued to do my normal exercise routine. When the nagging pain continued, I visited The Heeler Centre and was told I had cartilage damage due to weight training.

How did the staff at The Heeler Centre make you feel? 

The reception staff made me feel very comfortable. They were warm and welcoming. The initial consultation took around 15 minutes which was thorough and attentive. I was referred for Acupuncture with Jodie Pargeter.

What treatment did you receive?

I received Acupuncture to reduce the inflammation around the knee.  After the first treatment, the swelling diminished. I was given a few light exercises to do at home to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I am now able to receive physio now that the swelling has reduced.

"Mandy came to us with a suspected meniscal tear (cartilage in the knee), which Jodie is currently using acupuncture and dry needling to help reduce the inflammation."
 Sam Pargeter, Chiropractor

In your opinion, has the treatment that you received helped with pain/mobility/ exercise progression?

In hindsight, I wish I had visited the team at The Heeler Centre before embarking on any massage, physio or rehabilitation. I gained so much more information from Sam and Jodie. I was told I shouldn't be exercising and swapped my heat pack for an ice pack. They got me on the road to recovery quicker than I imagined!

Would you recommend The Heeler Centre to friend?


Would you return to The Heeler Centre for alternative treatments?

The Heeler Centre is now my first point of call if I ever have an injury. I'm of an age now where exercising can be more prone to injury than before! I know I'm in good hands with The Heeler Centre.

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