Injuries at Work

Injuries at work don’t just happen on building sites. With a record percentage of people working desk jobs, cases of back pain, neck pain and shoulder injuries are just a few of the increasingly common workplace injuries. And they’re no laughing matter.

Just because your job doesn’t involve heavy lifting around hazardous sites, doesn’t mean returning after injury won’t make every day harder and more painful. Few people can afford to take the time off to rest and heal, and even after recovery, your job is causing you to risk relapse.

Unless your injury involved trauma (a fall or a collision of some sort) your injury may stem from the posture you adopt at work. Anything from a pulled muscle to a growing tightness can usually be blamed on posture or stress.

Next time you’re sat at your desk, it’s worth checking in with yourself. Do you find by the afternoon you’re slouching?

Your most pressing concern is dealing with the pain. But with decades working behind a desk ahead of you, your injury may need a more permanent fix.

Sorting your posture alone is a big ask, and often lowering the level of stress in your job isn’t an option. So are we all destined to live with workplace injuries until we retire? Absolutely not.


There are effective posture fixing exercises you can do at home, but if you’re injured and need to get out of pain now, a professional therapist can help you rebalance your body and reverse the damage an office job inflicts over time.

The Heeler Centre has a number of appropriate treatments and therapists who use a hands-on approach and drug-free methods to gently fix your injuries and show you the best way to prevent injuries like these and to keep the aches and pains to a minimum.

Symptoms of work injuries

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