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How's your summer so far?
Welcome to our latest newsletter

While it’s been pretty rainy over the last few weeks (hello, it’s supposed to be August), it’s not dampened our spirits here at The Heeler Centre.

In this issue of the newsletter, we welcome a new face to the clinic in the form of osteopath Nicholaus who is originally from Austria and brings with him a huge amount of experience and specialist knowledge.

If you’re a parent dealing with having the children over the summer holidays, we feel your pain! That’s why we penned an article about how to look after yourself when the little darlings are driving you up the wall.

If you read our newsletter a couple of issues back, you’ll remember that running and swimming are two of the sports that produce the highest number of injuries we see at the clinic. That’s why we’re giving a little focus this month to both - including Annie’s incredible Channel swim (scroll down to read more).

On a separate note, although 19th July marked “Freedom Day” for the country and masks became a personal rather than legal choice, we would like to reiterate and request that you wear a mask when coming into the clinic in the shared areas. We’re doing our best to stop the further spread of the virus and this helps us hugely. Thanks for your cooperation.

Anyway, onto the newsletter and have a great August!

The Heeler Centre Team

Say hello to our new osteopath, Nik

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Nikolaus, or Nik as we call him, grew up in the Austrian countryside and knows a thing or two about wine as his family own a vineyard.

He didn’t have a conventional path to osteopathy, with a career in economics and as a journalist writing about financial markets before becoming an osteopath.

As he says. “After experiencing the healing power of osteopathic treatment on myself, I decided to swap stocks and bonds for muscles and bones.”

Nik graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in July 2020 and last year worked at the Worthing Osteopathic and Wellbeing Clinic before joining The Heeler Centre. His specialism is treating patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CSF/ME) using the Perrin Technique™, a manual method that aids the diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME.

What does Nik enjoy most about his profession? He explains:

“It is great to be able to help people to have less pain and to enjoy their lives more. Seeing immediate results from your work is also a very satisfying experience. Finally, the job is very diverse since every patient is a bit different and needs to be treated according to their unique presentation.”

If you would like to book an appointment with Nik or any of our other osteopaths, please call us on 01273 843780 or click the button below.

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She did it! Annie swims the channel raising nearly £15k for the Royal Alex

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Annie did it! Over the last few emails, we’ve been heavily promoting the challenge that Annie has been working towards - swimming the English Channel to raise funds for The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital where she works as a nurse.

We’re delighted to reveal that Annie swam the channel on Tuesday 3rd August in 12 hours 45 mins, well under her 15-hour target. And she was stung by about 337 jellyfish!

She raised almost £15,000 (at the time of writing), which is incredible considering she only aimed to raise £5,000.

We’re so proud of what Annie has achieved, putting in all the hard work since that moment two years ago when she set herself this challenge. How she managed to fit in the training around being a nurse AND as a mother of three is mind-blowing.

The Heeler Centre is delighted to support her on her journey and keep her injury-free throughout. Well done, Annie.

If you’d like to donate, please visit Annie fundraising page for The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital here:


Are you doing a challenge you want us to shout about? Let us know on our Instagram account and we'll share it with our followers.

Why running could be the new way to commute (and how to give it a go)

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We’ve heard about driving to work and last week it was Cycle To Work day, designed to encourage more people to commute to work on their bikes. But not many people have been talking about run commuting.

What is run commuting?

Run commuting is simply getting to and from work through running. Instead of going out for a jog each day, you incorporate your daily run into your trip to or from work.

It’s a great way of increasing the miles you run, saving money on petrol (if you usually drive) and making the most of your time if you’re training for a marathon or ultramarathon (when you need to start hitting those big weekly numbers).

But how do you get started run commuting? Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep kit and work clothes at the office. It’s much better to run to work in your kit and get changed than carry your work clothes in a bag with you. By keeping kit and work clothes at the office, you always ensure you have something to change into (no one wants to sit next to a sweaty runner, do they?)
  2. Plan your route. Make sure you plan your route before you set off for the first time - and every time you try to increase the distance.
  3. Build in the right amount of time. You’re commuting so obviously you don’t want to be late for work. That’s why it’s worth giving yourself a bit of a buffer in case anything happens, such as an injury or you need to stop. Planning, as mentioned above, will help.
  4. Get a good backpack. If you’re running into work on a regular basis, you can reduce your workload by keeping kit and heavy items like laptops at work. But if you do need to ferry items about, a good backpack is essential.
  5. Find a shower or plan to stay fresh. If your place of work doesn’t have a shower, then find a contingency, such as access to a local gym with a shower or keeping the right items at work to freshen up enough to feel comfortable all day.
  6. Eat and drink enough. It’s easy to forget you need to feed enough energy when you start to get those miles up but it’s important to fuel yourself properly before and after to aid recovery. You don’t want to fall asleep at your desk, do you?

If you’re struggling with any running injuries, we can help. Call our reception team on 01273 843780 and we’ll help you get back on your feet.

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How to survive the school holidays with your wellbeing intact

We’re already a few weeks into the school holidays and you’re either looking forward to a holiday with the kids or you’re tearing your hair out wondering what to do with the kids. If you’re the latter, we hear you. With the weather taking a turn for the worse and children cooped up inside when they could be out playing, you’re probably working overtime trying to manage.

Make time for your interests

It’s so easy to fill your diary over the summer with things your kids want to do (while juggling work and all your other commitments). But it’s really important that you keep in touch with your own interests. Even if it’s carving out a little bit of time and space - like half an hour - for something that nourishes you and lifts you up it’s better than nothing. There’s a time for shared interests with the children, but you also need some YOU time. Schedule it in.

Plan meetups

It goes without saying that you’ve probably arranged a few playdates already. But playdates can work both ways. You can focus on meetups with other parents with whom you get along, for example. Who says the kids get to dictate the terms of the playdate? Having a coffee and a chat with a friendly face can make all the difference and - particularly after COVID - meeting people face to face gives us energy and helps relieve any of the burdens and stresses of having to cope with the kids during summer.

Give yourself a break

It’s easy to say this but a lot harder to feel it. It’s really important not to feel guilty if every day of your child’s summer isn’t filled with nourishing, uplifting, educational activities they love all the time. In an ideal world, we could throw off the shackles of our usual routine and spend it with the kids doing arts and crafts or spending hours at the beach or in the country (remember all those ideas during the first lockdown!). But if you can’t do that, don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re only human. No matter what other parents’ bustling social media accounts say, they’re probably grinding it out as much as you some days.

Make time for your physical wellbeing and self-care

Putting to one side your physical health and wellbeing is a bad idea. Sure, you’re busy but a healthy, happy parent is the best thing you child can have… so it’s ok to sometimes put your physical and emotional needs first. Take time to do some physical exercise, whether it’s a walk with the kids or taking time to do some exercises at home that at least get your blood pumping (although kids have a way of doing that without exercise!). To alleviate stress, book yourself in for a relaxing aromatherapy massage or treatment with one of our therapists.

And no, this isn’t a “treat” - you deserve this, so give us a call and let’s get you feeling great.

Want to book yourself in for a much-needed massage or other treatment. Call our reception team on 01273 843780 and let us help you relax.

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Clinic protocols

Our clinic protocols continue to remain in force, specifically the requirement for track and trace. Please see below for our current protocols:
  • Pre-arranged appointments only… please call or book online.
  • Please wear a mask when arriving at the clinic and when in the reception area – we have masks to help yourselves to if you don't have one with you.
  • We are temperature checking all patients on arrival to the clinic.
  • Hand sanitise or wash hands on entering the clinic.
  • Please arrive exactly at your appointment time to reduce time spent in reception waiting areas. 
  • Please aim to maintain the 2m social distancing measure where possible.
  • If possible, please pay with card or contactless up to £45.
  • As of 24th September, it was a legal requirement for the clinic to help with track and trace... you’ll be asked for permission to be able to use your details that we have stored should we need to contact you. 
  • Our patients are not obliged to but we are required to provide an NHS QR track and trace code to scan using the NHS app. 
See below for the QR track and trace code that you can scan to show your attendance at The Heeler Centre. These will also be displayed in the clinic. If you have any questions about this, please call our Reception team who will be happy to explain.
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