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We can’t believe we’re already into February. Time has either flown for you or - if you have been homeschooling kids - has felt like an eternity!

We've been really busy here at The Heeler Centre, continuing treatments for all our wonderful clients who need it. If you need our help, check our list of therapists who are currently able to treat during the lockdown at the foot of this newsletter.

In this issue of The Heeler Centre newsletter, we’re of course going a little bit luvvy-duvvy with some lockdown Valentine’s Day suggestions that will hopefully put a bit of a smile on your face.

We also have an updated on vaccines, some advice from acupuncturist, Jeremy, on countering the effect of long COVID and meet hypnotherapist, Stephanie.

Enjoy and see you next month!

Stay safe,

The Heeler Centre Team

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The Heeler Centre has its own vaccination heroes

As the NHS vaccination drive nears its target of 15 million by the middle of February, The Heeler Centre is getting in on the action.

As we're on the frontline of healthcare, we're pleased to announce all our therapists in The Heeler Centre have now been offered the vaccine. 

Practice manager, Jade and podiatrist Nikki (pictured above when we could still socialise!) have signed up as vaccinators to help with the national rollout. They'll soon be working hard to help vaccinate the next phase in the national programme that is going so well.

Well done, Jade and Nikki - we’re super-proud of you!

How acupuncture can help cope with the effects of long COVID
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Heeler Centre acupuncturist, Jeremy Marshall, explains how holistic medicine can help with the effects of long term COVID.

Acupuncture has developed a clear understanding of how the body's immune system responds when overwhelmed by a pathogenic factor that it cannot fully resolve, such as long COVID.
It can be used to build up the resources of the body, repairing any damage caused and expelling any lingering pathogens.

Guidance regarding diet and lifestyle is also advised during the acupuncture appointment as it is essential to support the treatment process. This is also the same for patients struggling with chronic fatigue or ME. 

Part of the danger with COVID-19 is that it can bypass the exterior aspects of the immune system and access the internal organs quite quickly, which can take a long time to recover. The predominant after effect of people having experienced COVID-19 is fatigue, loss of taste and smell, and respiratory problems such as shortness of breath and a lingering cough. 

The COVID Study app used by thousands of users has shown that 1 in 20 people are likely to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms for up to eight weeks. This tells us that for lots of people, lingering COVID-19 symptoms don't go away that easily, and can take a long time for the body to recover.

So if you, or anybody you know, is still suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, then please contact reception to book an appointment or request to speak to Jeremy directly.

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Overcome anxiety, phobias or unwanted habits through hypnotherapy

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This month, we’re featuring our hypnotherapist Stephanie who can help with a range of ailments. As the COVID lockdown drags on, Stephanie has experience in helping patients alleviate anxieties and stress around COVID and can even help with needle phobias - particularly useful with the vaccine rollout. Here’s a bit more about Stephanie in her own words:

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am originally from the South of France and for 20 years I had a career as a makeup artist in London. I got to travel to wonderful places and meet some incredible people. My best memory was doing makeup for Valentina Tereshkova, the first lady to go into space. Over the years, I have helped many female clients feel more confident and get through personal issues in helping them feel calmer and enhance how they looked and felt using my listening and makeup skills. As much as I love doing makeup, I always knew that I wanted to help others on the inside as well, so becoming a therapist was a natural transition. 

"I love the work that I do, listening to people and how they want to make positive and healthier changes in their life, and working together toward those goals.  

"I am a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

"Hypnotherapy is very safe, like meditation with a goal. The trance state is similar to the state we go naturally in when driving, reading a book, playing sports etc. There are no clocks or loss of control.. on the contrary, you are in control the whole way through and It's a very relaxing experience."

Stephanie’s specialisms are:

  • Anxiety issues, such as overwhelming thoughts, panic attacks, negative thinking
  • Fears and phobias, such as flying, dentist, animals, heights
  • Unwanted habits, such as nail-biting, hair pulling, skin picking
  • Smoking cessation
  • Self-esteem issues and confidence

Sessions are available in English and French. 

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lockdown valentine's

How to make the best of a lockdown Valentine's Day

This year, treating your loved one on Valentine’s Day is going to be a very different affair. In lockdown, there’s no chance of a romantic candlelit meal for two in your favourite restaurant.

Instead, the temptation is to think that a meal deal from M&S is probably as good as it’s going to get. Well, think again because we have some tips to make the best out of a Valentine’s Day lockdown.

1) Dress up to stay in
You can’t go out but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into your glad rags for the special occasion. Sure, you may have gotten pretty used to spending most of your time in lockdown in casual wear, but this is the perfect moment to see if you can still squeeze into your best. 

2) Have fun with a Zoom quiz
Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it’s just for couples. Connecting with others in a fun way and enjoying a laugh is great for our spirits. Everyone was Zoom quizzing at the start of the first lockdown and gave up. Maybe now is the time to revive it for a special Valentine’s Day version.

3) Turn your dining room/kitchen into a restaurant
You may not be able to go to a restaurant. So bring the restaurant to you. Many of your favourite pubs or restaurants are likely to offer takeaway. Instead of vegging out on the sofa with plate in lap, serve up three courses as you would in a restaurant. You can even add a candle, dim the lights and dress up. (See above). Parents: you probably want to wait till the kids in bed before doing this - otherwise it ruins the ambience! 

4) Cocktail night
Every evening feels special with cocktails. Whether alcoholic or alcohol-free, mixing up your own cocktails and enjoying them is always great fun. Perhaps blend with some dressing up and dancing, and even better invite your friends to join in over Zoom.

5) Get nostalgic over music
For the perfect feel-good night, get nostalgic over some classic tunes. Either take turns to choose your favourite pieces of music or try to associate favourite memories, such as holidays or special events, with tunes to transport you back to the good times. 

6) Plan for post-lockdown fun
Another great way to lift the spirits and get the conversation going is to plan holidays, breaks and things you want to do once we escape lockdown. There’s nothing more inspiring than talking about and planning for the future (we’re almost there!)

Come up with any good ideas of your own? Share on social media so others can get inspiration. Go to www.instagram.com/theheelercentre

Calm your mind with this simple breathing exercise

Each month, we like to offer at least one activity to help with self care. This month, we want to share with you a brilliant, really simple breathing exercise that helps slow your thoughts down, remove worries and help melt away anxiety.

Follow the instructions below, give it a try and let us know what you think.
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Who is available to treat?

Not sure whether you can get treatment during lockdown at the moment? No worries. Here is the full list of therapists available for treatment right now. Please call reception if you have any questions.

Osteopathy - Lee, Alexandra and Sujin

Podiatry - Jo T, Jo C and Nikki

Sports therapy - Jade (if you're in pain and discomfort)

Acupuncture - Jeremy & Mo

Counselling - Lorna, Sarah and Imogen

Nutrition and reflexology - Claire

Homeopathy - Julie (virtual only) - Julie's contact details are 07703 228 681 / homeopathy@julieplackett.co.uk

Unfortunately, our massage therapists Carrie and Nilnate are unable to treat. 
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Clinic protocols

Our clinic protocols continue to remain in force, specifically the requirement for track and trace. Please see below for our current protocols:
  • Pre-arranged appointments only… please call or book online.
  • Please wear a mask when arriving at the clinic and when in the reception area – we have masks to help yourselves to if you don't have one with you.
  • We are temperature checking all patients on arrival to the clinic.
  • Hand sanitise or wash hands on entering the clinic.
  • Please arrive exactly at your appointment time to reduce time spent in reception waiting areas. 
  • Please aim to maintain the 2m social distancing measure where possible.
  • If possible, please pay contactless up to £45.
  • As of 24th September, it was a legal requirement for the clinic to help with track and trace... you’ll be asked for permission to be able to use your details that we have stored should we need to contact you. 
  • Our patients are not obliged to but we are required to provide an NHS QR track and trace code to scan using the NHS app. 
See below for the QR track and trace code that you can scan to show your attendance at The Heeler Centre. These will also be displayed in the clinic. If you have any questions about this, please call our Reception team who will be happy to explain.
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