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Nikolaus (Nik) Altmann

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in July 2020 and worked the last year in the Worthing Osteopathic and Wellbeing Clinic before I joined the Heeler Centre.

Growing up in the Austrian countryside, I still enjoy hiking, riding my mountain bike and generally being outside. You can always have a chat with me about history, science, music, football and, of course, skiing.

How you got into osteopathy

I started my professional career in economics and worked as a journalist writing about financial markets. After experiencing the healing power of osteopathic treatment on myself, I decided to swap stocks and bonds for muscles and bones.

Why did you choose osteopathy?

Manual therapy in general is the most effective non-invasive way to treat any musculoskeletal condition and many others. Osteopathy is for me the most complete system of manual therapy, including all body systems and tissues.


What do you enjoy most about being an osteopath?

 It is great to be able to help people to have less pain and to enjoy their lives more. Seeing immediate results from your work is also a very satisfying experience. Finally, the job is very diverse since every patient is a bit different and needs to be treated according to their unique presentation.


What are your specialisms?

I treat patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CSF/ME) and Fibromyalgia with the Perrin Technique™. The Perrin Technique™ is a manual method that aids the diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME and was developed in 1989 by British osteopath and neuroscientist Dr Raymond Perrin DO PhD.

I also use dry needling as an addition to my osteopathic skillset.


Conditions you most enjoy treating?

Lower back pain is by far the most common condition, why people come to see me. I like treating it, because the results of the treatment are usually very good and you can make such a big difference to the patient’s life.


Examples of 3x you’ve helped someone:

1: 82-year-old male patient; lower back and hip pain after a fall 3 months ago; pain worst at night, when it travels down the leg as well:

The night pain and back pain fully disappeared after 4 treatment sessions.


2: 34-year-old male builder; pain over mid spine and ribs since the age of 15; pain can go into the neck and lower back:

The pain gradually reduced over the first sessions. Then the patient aggravated it again during work, but the pain was fully resolved after 8 treatments.


3: 56 year old female office worker; neck and shoulder pain, which has gradually gotten worse over the last few months:

No pain or discomfort after 3 treatment sessions.


Do you accept insurance?

I am registered with WPA.