lee lewis

Lee Lewis

Lee is a fully registered osteopath having graduated with a masters from the prestigious British school of osteopathy. He uses manual techniques to help structurally realign issues patients may have as well as helping to restore the bodies natural balance.
He enjoys helping people of varying ages from the active child to the elderly with varying musculoskeletal complaints related to neck back and hip pain.

Brief intro & how you got into osteopathy

I live in Shoreham and have been an osteopath for 5 years. My personal experience of needing osteopathy meant I followed an interest in training to become one myself. I enjoy many sports, DIY and gardening. All the things that can easily put your back out so figured best learn how to either put it right myself or get in with people who can!!

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is drugless medicine for pain. Its a tailored hands-on treatment for the individual needs of the patient to help manage or fix their pain

How long have you been at the clinic and what do you enjoy?

I have been at the Heeler Centre since the beginning of the year. Being part of the Heeler Centre is like being part of a family you don't mind seeing! The reception team and all the other therapists really are lovely.

What do you most enjoy about osteopathy?

Never knowing what or who will walk through the door, every hour is different. Building a relationship with the client and helping them on their journey of how they’ve injured themselves, the type of pain they are suffering to then how we can make it better.

In what areas do you specialise?

Dry needling and taping

When are you at the Heeler Centre?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.