Jo Cruz - Podiatry

Jo Cruse BSc Hons, D.Pod.M.HCPC registered

Sussex-born Jo graduated from Cardiff University in 1991. She worked as a podiatrist in the NHS for 26 years, combined with privately for 5 years. She is friendly and hardworking and aims to give honest treatment.


How long have you worked at The Heeler Centre?

Since 2013.

Why did you choose your profession?

I wanted to work in a medical profession but be independent, not office-based. I chose podiatry because it offered a range of interesting disciplines and treated people from 1-100!


What do you most enjoy about your work?

I enjoy talking to people and being able to make their feet more comfortable. I like wound care and nail surgery.


What are your specialisms?

Treating foot conditions to improve comfort and mobility. I specialise in nail surgery, diabetes and elderly care.


What conditions do you most enjoy treating?

Ingrowing toenails/nail conditions, verrucae and chronic long term conditions, i.e. diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis.


When are you available?

Tuesday 1.30pm to 6pm, Wednesday 1.30pm to 6pm, Thursday 1.30pm to 6pm


Do you accept insurance work?