imogen ellis-jones couples counselling

Imogen Ellis-Jones (MBACP, MNCS, Accred)

As a young child, I eagerly awaited the weekly delivery of my mother’s Woman’s Own magazine.  I read the problem page first and dreamed of being an ‘Agony Aunt’ when I grew up because I was interested in how people help each other in times of trouble. However, I became a nurse first and then went on to train, in later years, as a counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist in London and Surrey.  I am also a counselling supervisor.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy it all.  I am particularly interested in the patterns of communication we form in childhood and how these go on to influence us as adults.  I use Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Psychodynamic theories to explore and support this with the client.

What areas do you specialise?

Every day I talk to couples who want more from their relationship. Some couples wish to renew a passion long gone. Others are simply fighting to stay together. Often the answer is found in looking at different ways to communicate with one another, rather than by fixing disagreements. 


There will be underlying causes for your behaviour that will make sense. I will help you to discover these through our sessions together. You may both have a clashing ‘arguing style’ which, by looking more deeply at your inner hurt and anger, we will enable us to discover what is really going on. Couples Counselling will help you to understand your emotions and to discover a new intimacy.

I am also interested in how conflicting fears and repressed feelings can affect the physical body and how it functions.

What issues do you most enjoy treating?

Relationships, couples work, guilt, grief, stress, depression, panic attacks, phobias using counselling. Weight loss/giving up smoking using hypnotherapy.

What days/times do you work at The Heeler Centre?

At present – Saturdays and Sundays


Mobile: 07900 387 978




Individual Counselling - £50

Relationship Counselling - £55

Couples - £75 (90 minutes)