Chrissie Sherwood 3

Chrissie Sherwood - Sports Massage Therapist

Chrissie is a certified sports massage therapist who has had a keen interest in sports from a young and has had her fair share of injuries from horse riding, running & gymnastics so appreciates the benefit of a good sports massage.

Chrissy enjoys all aspects of being a sports massage therapist whether its alleviating tension from a problematic muscle or just hearing people have had a better nights sleep but she finds it especially gratifying to help people recover from injury.

Why did you choose this Profession?

I’ve always had a keen interesting in sports from a young age and have had my fair share of injuries to go with this from doing gymnastics, horse riding, trampolining to running swimming etc but what really got me in this profess is that I was involved in a car over 3 years which resulted in my L4 / L5 haemorrhaging disc. I spent much time researching into treatment and how to rehab myself and found a good physio to help me get back living life to the full again. So, I really got into this profess to help others to recover from injuries as well as helping them to prevent injuries by self care.

What do you enjoy most about the work?

The best bit about my work is when a client comes back and they take see a different. From more movement softer muscle or just a better night sleep.

What are your specialisms?

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist

Full Body Massage

What conditions do you enjoy treating?

There is not one area that I enjoy treating more than any other but I prefer treating sports injuries and helping people to recover quicker whether it’s a sports injury or just tight muscles.

What days do you work at The Heeler Centre?

I Work Monday to Thursday.