Becky Reed | Osteopath

Becky Reed – Osteopath


I am currently in my 4th and final year studying osteopathy at Swansea University and during my training, I have become fully qualified in massage alongside a wide range of techniques.

I’ve always had a keen interest in sports, especially football, where I have competed at county level here in Sussex and currently captain my university football team. Following a series of knee injuries in my teens, I was fascinated by the treatments I received through osteopaths with massage.

My passion for manual therapy has grown throughout and I love connecting with patients and having a positive influence on their quality of life, as well as adding to my own life experience.

At the Heeler Centre, I offer deep tissue massage with a particular interest in the lower back and the lower limb.

You’ll be able to book in with me Monday mornings & Thursday afternoons and until I graduate next year during the summer, Christmas & Easter holidays!