Iridology – all you need to know


Have you heard of Iridology? Ever come across the term and not quite known what it entails? We have all you need to know!

Iridology is considered an alternative medicine technique, which examines the eyes to determine the patient’s health….in simple terms.

During a consultation a simple torch magnifier will be used to study the iris. This enables an accurate picture of the eye to be obtained providing information about the cause and nature of a patient’s problem.

Iridology can reveal imbalances and weaknesses within the glands, organs and general body structures. It can accurately point out areas of toxic accumulations that may be contributing to a particular problem and also find areas of genetic weakness. Iridology can identify problem areas before they develop into more serious health issues, in this way being used as a preventative measure. It can also monitor how well a therapy is working as the iris will change as the body moves towards better health.

Our Iridologist, Claire Hicks has worked in the private practice sector since qualifying from the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College in 1996. Claire also graduated with a distinction, and is a valued member of our team.

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