Sports Injuries

If you're an amateur or professional sportsperson, the biggest worry is suffering an injury that puts you out or, worse, leaves you unable to play your favourite sport again. Here's why treating sports injuries as quickly as possible is the best way to protect your sporting future

Getting injured as a sports person can seem nothing short of a disaster.

Whether it’s the team you’re letting down, competitive opportunities you’re passing up or losing the fitness you’ve worked hard to build up, it’s frustrating.

One rolled ankle, one over-extended arm (or leg), one poorly-timed tackle and it’s panic time. In every sport, there’s a potential for injury, and we’ve seen them all.

The only question you’re asking (other than, how long will the pain last) is how long you’ll be out. Because, until then, you’ll be living a life without sport. And it could be months.

There are two types of people when it comes to sports injuries. The first type rushes straight to their GP, only to find their NHS physio appointment isn’t until next year and they’re left twiddling their thumbs and feeling frustrated at having to rest.

The other thinks he or she can run it off, deal with the pain and get it “fixed” when the season finishes. Of course, both of those types are leaving injuries for longer than needed, which may cause even longer-term problems.


The big worry for most sports people is: how long will I be out?

The concern they will be forced to rest or recover for months on end is often enough to stop some seeking help and instead of trying to push through the pain. At The Heeler Centre, most of our therapists are all sports people so we know exactly how you feel.

That’s why we know it’s unrealistic to make you stop playing and help you get back up to your previous level of performance as quickly as possible.

Seeking help will not only fast-track your recovery, but you’ll also discover exactly what went wrong, how to strengthen your body in response and how to avoid leaving your team, missing your competition, losing your fitness again.

At The Heeler Centre, we have a dedicated Sports Injury team designed around helping athletes and sports people.

Our approach means we first address the pain, identify the cause, then we get to work restoring full range of movement, strength and flexibility through a combination of injury specific exercises, stretches, treatment advice and body conditioning techniques.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury, call our friendly team to book your first session on 01273 843780, send us a message or book online right here