Have you tried Homeopathy? This well-established medicine has been practiced on many upon discovery by a German doctor 200 years ago. Here’s all you need to know about this treatment…

Homeopathy has been incorporated into many healthcare systems across the world, including India, Brazil and Russia. Upon consultation, a Homeopath will require an in-depth description of your health history and general wellbeing. This will ensure that the Homeopath can build an accurate picture to determine the best treatment plan. Every treatment plan is tailored to the individual. The consultation provides a safe and confidential space in order for the patient to share experiences in confidence.


Upon reflection from the Homeopath, a remedy, in either pill or liquid form will be prescribed to the patient. This remedy will come with guidance on how to take it.

Follow up sessions are then recommended to each patient, which usually take place one month after the initial consultation. A discussion will take place as to how the patient is feeling after taking the remedy. There is no set time span to this treatment, as each individual can vary depending on the issue.

Homeopathy is safe for all. From elderly individuals to young people and pregnant women, it is suitable for everyone. It is advised that your GP is consulted on this treatment, as it can be used alongside conventional medical treatment.

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