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Do you have time for a cuppa?
Welcome to our latest newsletter - it's May already!

We know! It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through 2022. Winter is well and truly behind us and the long summer months lie ahead, almost within reach.
As Spring has finally sprung, you’ve no doubt felt the same joy as we have, to see life begin to bloom once more in the glorious countryside around us. It’s always a delight to witness the trees donning their emerald jackets, daffodils making way for tulips and lambs bouncing around the fields across the Weald.
And how wonderful it is to enjoy all that nature offers – exercising outdoors again! Enjoying dog walks in the dry! Running in daylight!
Let’s make the most of these months.

And if you have time to join us for a cuppa, we'd be delighted to see you - read on to find out how and why.

You know where to find us!

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Tea for two?
It’s been fantastic to hear our lovely clients are taking advantage of the lighter nights and brighter weather. It’s seems you’ve been busy meeting up with friends, socialising, and getting back into the swing of spring without a face mask and 2m distance between you and those you love spending time with.
We know how important it is for you and your mental and physical health to socialise. As a clinic geared towards a holistic approach to helping you feel better, move better and live better, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make you smile and improve your wellbeing.
So, this month, we’re inviting you in for a cuppa.
Well, almost! It’s Time For A Cuppa Week – an annual event hosted by Dementia UK and one we’re keen to promote and support. It’s a fantastic way to get together with friends, family, or colleagues to share cake and a cuppa and raise vital funds for families facing dementia. 
And we’d love to offer you a free cup of tea!
That’s right. Pop into The Heeler Centre and grab a voucher for a cup of tea on us, at the wonderful Bella and Meg’s café, round the corner from the clinic.
Even better, take a friend and enjoy an hour together, or ask for a cup of tea to go and amble to the park and enjoy the great outdoors.

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What’s all this Wim Hof business about?
Have you been watching Freeze The Fear With Wim Hof? It’s a new TV programme on BBC1 each Tuesday at 9pm. And it’s taking the nation by storm!
But you may be wondering who on earth Wim Hof is and if indeed his method has any health benefits? Well, wonder no more! We’ve done a little research for you. And here’s what we found…
Also known as ‘Ice Man Hof’, the 61 year old Dutch extreme athlete got his nickname after completing several feats of endurance in very cold climates. He’s summited Kilimanjaro in shorts, run a barefoot half marathon in the Arctic and regularly immerses himself in ice baths – all for the benefit of his health.
His ‘method’ for greater wellbeing is perhaps best described as a combination of cold exposure, breath work and meditation.
And the reasons behind the Wim Hof Method?
Better mental health. Better sleep. Stress relief. Improved mind and body connection. Arthritis relief. Boosted endorphins. Autonomic nervous system control. Asthma management. Better sporting performance. Stronger immune system. More energy. The list (according to Wim’s website) goes on…
Which kind of hints at why the world has gone mad for Ice Man Hof.
And it all begins with breathing. The most natural thing in the world, right? So natural, in fact, we hardly notice we’re doing it 17,000 times (or thereabouts) a day.
But Wim’s method places its focus on a different type of breath to the usual, shallow, unconsidered breathing of our day to day lives. You may have seen it in action on the show. It brought Tamsin Outhwaite to tears and made Gabby Logan hallucinate. There were some pretty strong reactions!
Instead, Wim Hof advocates a commitment to jump-starting your body with his breathing techniques each morning, as soon as you wake, before breakfast.
His 20 minute practice should be daily, in order to reap the rewards.
A quick guide to the Wim Hof Method

  • Take 30 to 40 quick, powerful breaths, holding the final breath for as long as you can
  • Take a long, deep ‘recovery breath’
  • And repeat three to four times
  • Then relax and let your breathing return to normal

There’s a tonne of anecdotal evidence online about the brilliance of the technique, which, combined with cold showers, (for those of us without access to an outdoor ice bath), has cured rheumatism, banished sciatica, driven away depression and sated stress according to Wim’s many loyal advocates.
But there’s a whole heap of scientific proof behind the practice too. And it’s harder to argue with that.
So, is it time to switch on a cold shower and immerse yourself in the method?
Wim recommends taking your usual morning shower, but turning the tap to the blue side for the last 30 seconds, as a good way to get started. Then you can gradually build up the duration and intensity over time.
Coupling this dedicated breathing practice with cold therapy and committing to it daily, so it becomes habitual, is where the magic happens.
You can take a free, three-part mini class with Wim via his website, to learn more about the power of breathing, the power of cold showers and the power of your mind.

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Socialising is good for you!
Are you following us on social media? You can catch up with team and join in the conversation over on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to have you along.

Wishing you a wonderful month of May,

The Heeler Centre

Reminder - you can now book treatments using our new online system

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New for '22, let us introduce you to our all-new, improved booking system which is now live on The Heeler Centre website.

After feedback from patients and team members, it was the right time to upgrade our appointment calendar, to provide a better, more seamless service in the clinic.

Our new booking system gives you more control over your appointments, such as creating, editing and amending bookings without the need to call us.

All our note-taking is going digital too, so your notes can be stored more easily and shared with other therapists when needed.

You can access the "Book an appointment" button on the website. From here you can book appointments by choosing your therapist or selecting a treatment.

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